Cherina Hadley Photography | Premium Canvas Photo Prints for Office Spaces - Western Australia Landscape Photography

Premium Archival Canvas Photo Prints....For your Business


Expand Your Corporate Art Collection / Decorate Your Office Space

Create a lasting impression with clients and decorate your place of business with some of the most stunning scenic landscapes Western Australia has to offer! Premium Archival Canvas Photo Prints are available for purchase for display in offices, boardrooms, reception areas etc.

I can offer suggestions on image choice and presentation options to suit your corporate / business art requirements. Please follow the link for more detailed product information.

For any corporate art enquiries and quotes please contact me directly.


Why Choose Canvas Prints?

Colours: Canvas provides a different texture that gives more colour depth and intensity

Create an Impression: Eye-catching and artistic way to liven up your office space

No reflective surfaces: Canvas prints are non-reflective so do not reflect lights and cause glare - a great option for decorating your office or place of business

Mirror Wrap: Because of the thick edges of the canvas, it is possible to extend the images around the sides of the canvas by mirroring the image - this give a lovely sense of continuity and forms a natural “framing” effect, without losing any of the original image. 

Floating Frame: Alternatively you can choose add a modern twist to your canvas and display the canvas artwork inside a beautiful floating frame.