Cherina Hadley Photography | About

I am a freelance travel and landscape photographer from Australia. Exploring faraway places, experiencing the beauty of this world in all it’s diversity, and creating pictures along the way….is what I love most.

I am inspired by storytelling, extraordinary journeys and unexpected beauty and I love that photography encourages us to slow down, explore a place in depth and really absorb and appreciate life as it unfolds before you.

I have been travelling since 2000 and my travels have taken me to the wilderness of Alaska, a solo trip to Iceland, the annual polar bear migration in the Canadian Arctic, ancient gorges in Karijini in Australia’s Pilbara, winter trekking along 800km of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain and other journeys through Peru, Patagonia, Morocco, Scotland, Bangladesh, Europe and the USA.

In a time when it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos and negativity of the latest media headlines…we sometimes forget the magnificence that our world has to offer.

With photography, my intention is to gently remind people that our world is an amazing place. By exploring those wild places of the earth which are still raw and pure, you experience the magic that can happen in those places: Like seeing the northern lights in the Arctic. Or watching a grizzly bear with its cubs in the wild. Or driving through a snowstorm on your own in the middle of nowhere in Iceland. Or walking through ancient gorges carved from 2 billion year old rocks. Or watching tiny icebergs being washed up onto a black volcanic sand beach…

The natural world can make you feel so small, but also so humbled and grateful.



The photographs from my journeys have appeared in publications and exhibitions internationally, and have been added to several private collections around the world.

In 2009, I was invited to exhibit a series of photographs in the Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography in South Asia and my first solo exhibition was shown as part of the FotoFreo International Festival of Photography in Australia in 2010.

In 2013, I was a finalist in the International Color Awards in the in the Aerial Photography category. In 2014, I was selected as a semi-finalist in the Smithsonian Wilderness Forever Photography Awards and as a finalist in the International Color Awards People Photography category. In 2015, I received an Honourable Mention in the Fine Art category of the International Black & White Spider Awards.

I hold a degree in Photomedia and teach landscape and travel photography courses in Perth, Western Australia.


You can find me on social media at Instagram and Facebook