Seven hours, every day, for thirty three days.
This is the time it takes to walk the eight hundred kilometres across the north of Spain that make up the Camino de Santiago, one of the most ancient pilgrimage trails in Europe.

This series of photos explores both the transitory nature and the overtly solitary experience of walking the Camino in winter; a time when way-markers can be hidden under snow, pilgrim hostels are often vacant, fields are empty and rustic Spanish villages appear abandoned.

This work offers a glimpse of some of the in-between spaces of such a journey and the time that elapses as we move slowly from one place to another. The shots were captured on high-grain colour film and will be available in book form in late 2014.
WandererSomeone Loves YouThe Iron CrossMadonnaCrumbling WallThreePyrenees IPelotaMorning DewForgottenBacchusKiss ClubRedFloatingThe Way IPyrenees III