Milky Way Landscape Photography Workshop

Pinnacles Desert, Cervantes WA

Saturday, 21 October 2017 - 4.30pm - 10.00pm 


Join me for an unforgettable photography workshop under the stars, where you will learn to photograph the night sky and Milky Way amongst the dramatic sandstone pillars of the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park near Cervantes.



This on-location night photography workshop is dedicated to introducing you to how to capture incredible shots of the Milky Way. 


The night workshop will take place during the new moon allowing us to shoot in a completely dark sky.


With no light pollution from the city lights the dark sky offers the perfect opportunity for some awesome Milky Way astrophotography! 


Your camera can capture much more detail than what we see with the naked eye – you will be amazed at what is revealed in that first 30-second exposure! 


This workshop includes:

a sunset shoot at the Pinnacles during golden hour;

a night shoot at the Pinnacles to capture the Milky Way;

and an optional dawn shoot at the Cervantes Ice Cream Sand Dunes (surcharge applies).



Techniques Covered:

  • Optimum settings and exposure for stars and the Milky Way
  • Focusing for night sky photography
  • Composition tips for shooting both the rising and setting Milky Way. 
  • Key factors to consider for location and timing that will make a huge difference to your shots in night sky photography
  • How to balance your foreground exposure against the night sky with light painting
  • Panoramic photography of the Milky Way

Also included:

  • Resources to assist you with post-processing your raw images of the Milky Way in Adobe Lightroom once you get home.
  • ‘Cheat Sheet’ for exposure settings and Gear Checklist for night sky and Milky Way photography.


What You Will Need to Get the Most From This Workshop:

  • DSLR camera that has ISO capabilities of 1600 or more (2500 – 3200 is ideal)
  • Wide angle lens that is able to reach an aperture of at least f4 (f2.8 is ideal)
    • Full frame cameras – 14mm - 24mm
    • Crop sensor cameras – 10mm - 20mm
  • Tripod – you will be tilting your camera to the sky so preferably a tripod that can get reasonably close to the ground.
  • Head torch – or small torch  - preferably with a dimming option (you will be using this to paint with light)
  • You will need to be confident operating your DSLR camera in its manual mode (ie: you need to be able to set your aperture, shutter speed and ISO manually)
  • You will be shooting in RAW not JPEG so a basic knowledge of how to import and edit images in Adobe Lightroom would be beneficial.


Note: A full gear and accessories checklist will be made available to workshop participants after booking. If you are unsure whether the gear you have is suitable or not, feel free to email me.



When:  Saturday 21 October 4.30pm – 10.00pm (approx)

Cost:  $150 (Workshop only. National Park fee of $12 applies per vehicle)

Location:  Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park - 15kms south of Cervantes

Participants:  Maximum of 8 (2 places left)

Suitable For:  Intermediate level photographers.


Optional: Sunrise Shoot - Sunday 22 October 5.00am - 7.00am (approx) 

For those that wish to explore the Cervantes Ice Cream sand dunes, I will lead an optional dawn shoot on Sunday morning where we will look for some amazing lines in the dunes to create stunning images in the early morning light. 

Cost:  $40 (optional extra)



Bookings are essential. Strictly limited numbers so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Contact me to book a place in this workshop and I will confirm your place and send you payment details.



Accommodation & Transport

You will need to arrange your own accommodation and transport.

As this is a night workshop (4.30pm -10.00pm), I suggest you organise accommodation in Cervantes for the night. You will also be responsible for getting yourself to the meeting point at the Pinnacles Carpark for a 4.30pm start. 

If you are interested in sharing accommodation to save costs, let me know and I will put you in touch with other participants wishing to share.


Accommodation options in Cervantes:

Cervantes Holiday Homes

Cervantes Lodge & Pinnacles Desert Backpackers

Cervantes Windbreak B&B

Cervantes Pinnacles Motel

Pinnacles Edge Resort

Pinnacles Holiday Park


Other Information:

If you plan to make a weekend of it there are plenty of other attractions in the area:

  • Visit the Pinnacles at dawn or during the day
  • Hangover Bay – one of the best beaches in the area. Suitable for swimming.
  • Jurien Bay - 26 kms north of Cervantes
  • Sand dunes at Lancelin (85 kms south of Cervantes)